Cheap Low Quality Residential Grade Tolix Chairs Failure Example

Warning! Cheap Quality Low Cost Tolix Chairs, Don’t Get Caught!

Due to a flood of cheap quality residential grade tolix style chairs hitting the market many of our clients have purchased these by mistake only to find out they didn’t last very long and they were forced to buy all new commercial grade* quality chairs from us.

Please see a list of most common problems associated with these cheap quality chairs.

  • Cheap priced low quality tolix style chairs are known to rust in 6 months even when used indoors.
  • The chairs have low weight capacity often just 175 pounds so the legs can bend when larger people sit and lean back in chairs.
  • The finish often rubs off or peals off resulting in rust.
  • Finish scratches easily because there is no real finish the metal is soft.
  • Chairs can result in serious injury should the legs collapse.
  • Liability issues – You are liable for your customers safety while in your establishment.
  • Residential chairs should never be used in a commercial setting.

Real Customer Example: Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood bought cheap residential chairs for there restaurant and this was the end result they had to purchase 100 new commercial grade chairs from us.

Cheap metal splits causing the chair leg to buckle in seconds.


Legs start to bend like this before they completely fail.


Rough finishing with sharp edges